Drews Team…helping to Stomp out SMA!!!!

Drews Team…helping to Stomp out SMA!!!!

Meet Drew’s Team


Yes, it takes a village and Drew has the very best! The following list includes 20 of the professionals that care for Drew and keep him healthy and happy. This holiday season we recognize these individuals for their expertise, creativity and compassion by contributing $50 in each of their names to Sophia’s Cure. We thank them for caring for Drew and all the other very special children.


Dr. Heidi Arnold

Scottie Barnhart

Jim Cepress

Dr. L. Condon

Dr. John Garcia

Gretchen Guenter

Diane Hendrickson

Dr. Nancy Kammer

Elly Kelzenberg

Dr. Steven Koop

Dr. Paul Kubic

Christina LaVergne

Dave Nelson

Jan Olafson

Nancy Peck

Joe Scanlan

Dr. Scott Schwantes

John Sheahan

Dr. Michael Shreve

John Yoch

~Draz Fam