Welcome Aboard Unite 4 Peyton…..

Welcome Aboard Unite 4 Peyton…..

Peyton was born on April 14, 2008, a healthy baby girl. Her lungs were strong as was her body. Peyton went home from the hospital with a clean bill of health to her mom, dad and big sister. In the first three months, Peyton had some difficulties with eating, and spitting up. However, her parents thought that it would go away. Along with the eating issues, Peyton was also not meeting any milestones for her age. Peyton could not hold her head up, put weight on her legs, or roll over. At her checkup, the Dr.‘s sensed that something was not right, and ran tests.  

The results came back a week later, and in August of 2008, our world changed forever. Peyton was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. At the time we had never heard of SMA, but from what the Dr. told us, it was not good. We were told that Peyton would not live past the age of two, so we were to take her home and love her. Terrified, confused and lost, we went home. Instead of giving up, we, with the help of our family, have also started the fight of our lives!! We are going to fight as hard as we can, until the cure is manufactured.

Peyton has had many ups and downs over the past two and a half years. She has been hospitalized three times for respiratory illness. She has lost her ability to swallow, so she had to have a feeding tube put in her belly. Her muscle weakness continues to worsen, and it has also greatly limited her ability to speak. Her list of daily machines has also grown. Cough assist, bi-pap, and the pulse ox, machines are just a few of the them that are necessary for her.

While everyday, Peyton struggles and faces all these challenges, she also smiles!! Peyton is a feisty little girl, who loves her parents, and big sister. She wants to play Dora and watch movies. She is just trapped in her own body. Peyton and so many other children are affected by this rare genetic disorder.

Dr. Kasper’s Gene Therapy Program at OSU/Nationwide Children’s Hospital has given our family hope.  Hope that one day we might be able to feel Peyton give us a a tight, squeezy hug.
Thank you