Thank you Nicole Carlsen and Family!!

Thank you Nicole Carlsen and Family!!

Josh and I met Cameron and Ashley about three years ago when Cam and Josh were in the same paramedic program. We became fast friends, and even moved into their little town of Verdi where we live only a couple houses away from each other.  We saw each other probably four days a week and traded off having each other over for dinner. Not long after we moved Ashley announced she was expecting. We were all excited and starting discussing all the things we would teach him/her (Josh was especially determined that it was a boy and he would get to teach him how to dirt bike).

We met Charleston “Cash” Sage Goeppert the day they brought him home, and we were there a month later when they came back from the pediatricians and were angry and confused because the doctor had said he looked “floppy.” Two months later they found out that Cash had SMA type 1. I remember them trying to hold back tears when they told us, we were all lost. What is it? What does it mean? What do we do? What do we say?

All we could do was try to help. The community came together and put on fundraisers to try to help with medical bills. Josh and I continued to have them over for dinner or go to their house to hang out and try to keep some sort of normalcy. We learned to disinfect before we enter their house, and not to go near it with even the slightest sniffle.

I have only seen Ashley a couple times in the last few months because she and Cash are “hibernating” during cold and flu season. But she has kept me up to date about the advances that Dr. Kaspar has made and the possible clinical trials.

I am making the commitment to raise $5,000 for my friends Ashley and Cameron, they are an amazing couple and are there for Josh and I whenever we need it, even with all that they have going on. And of course I am doing it for my little boyfriend (he’s a bit of a flirt) Charleston (aka Cash, Cashmandu, Googy von Googenstein… the list goes on) so that one day he will get to experience those many things we dreamed about.

I am planning a fundraiser at a local restaurant in Reno, Nevada.  I am still trying to figure out all the details but I will keep you all updated when a date is set!

~Nicole Carlsen