Thank you GOF!!!

Thank you GOF!!!

Getty Owl Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and finding cure for SMA. Getty Owl Foundation is pleased to make this commitment to help Dr. Kaspar’s Gene Therapy research.

The namesake of Getty Owl Foundation is baby Getty, the daughter of Mark and Kate, founders of GOF. When she was born, Getty appeared wise beyond her age and she also loved to hoot like an owl, hence the name Getty Owl.

At age 4 months, Getty was not reaching movement milestones. During a routine pediatric check-up, she was diagnosed with SMA Type I, instantly crushing dreams and visions of a wonderful future due to the average life expectancy of only 2 years. Getty, now almost 1 year old, is a happy and spunky little girl, despite SMA.

Getty Owl Foundation began as an effort to give back to a world and a community that has helped Getty so much. It exists because THERE IS HOPE!

Dr. Kaspar’s Gene Therapy research could really use some funding to accelerate the fight for a cure. Getty Owl Foundation is happy to join the fight, offer its help, and commit support to Dr. Kaspar. Together, we will wipe out SMA!

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